Fine Staircases

HP3-StairsCustom staircases can add character and charm to any home, but a substandard one – or one that is not designed to meet your specific needs, can be a source of anxiety or regret for years to come. Most fine staircases are built to last a lifetime, so it is important to choose the one that is right for you. With so many different construction styles and materials to choose from, and the pros and cons associated with each choice, deciding what type of stairs to put in your home can be confusing. It makes sense to seek advice from a qualified stairbuilding professional before making decisions that may impact the appearance and functionality of your home for the next hundred years, or longer.

Understanding the options available to you is the first step in choosing the best stair design for your situation. Our skilled stairbuilder is an expert in the art of custom staircase design and construction. With your input, he will help you select the staircase that best meets your unique needs, budget, and vision, then design and build it to your exacting standards. Each set of stairs is meticulously crafted in accordance with the time-honored techniques of staircase construction, using only the finest materials. The result will be a fine staircase that will enhance the value and character of your home for generations.

We build stairs of all types, materials, sizes and shapes. Our selection of fine staircases includes both open-skirted and housed models, contemporary and traditional curved, elliptical, straight, winder, semi-curved and double bridal staircases. If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, give us a call. Chances are that we can accommodate your budget, needs and ideas.

Double Bridal Mahogany Staircase – Custom Stair Designers, MA

Curved Mahogany Staircase – Fine Staircases, MA

Split Entrance Oak Staircase – Fine Stairbuilder, MA

Curved Oak Staircase – Fine Staircases, MA

Straight Mahogany Main Staircase – Fine Staircases, MA

Straight Mahogany Attic Staircase – Fine Staircases, MA

Straight Oak Staircase with housed skirtboards – Custom Stairbuilders, MA

Free Standing Oak Winding Staircase – Fine Staircases, MA

Contemporary Glass Staircase – Custom Stair Designs, MA