Historical Renovations

How many times have you passed an antique Colonial and thought “What a shame. That must have been a beautiful home at one point.”? Or watched an elegant old Victorian razed to the ground, only to be replaced by a contemporary house with much less aesthetic appeal? Unfortunately when many people see an older house, they equate old with inferior, yet most vintage homes were built to a higher architectural and construction standard than many homes built today.

These old homes represent an important historical legacy, architectural gems in danger of being lost forever. Beneath their neglected exteriors, the fine lines and superb craftsmanship of a bygone era are still visible. Not all antique homes can be reclaimed, but many can be restored to their former glory for less than the costs of building a new home. Once restored, with the same routine care and maintenance that every home requires, these homes will shelter new generations of families.


North Attleboro, Massachustts Historical Renovation
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MapleTree Building Corporation can renovate a vintage home from the ground up. We can fix the foundation, replace the sill, restore the structural integrity, repair weather and insect damage, renovate the interior, update the plumbing and electrical systems and refurbish the trim – while retaining the original character of the home. In short, we can provide you with a home that combines the best of the past and the present – the architectural charm of a bygone era in an energy efficient home equipped with the conveniences of today.

Uxbridge, Massachustts Historical Renovation & Addition
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